November 8, 2020

მიწის რეგისტრაცია სოფლის მეურნეობის ანტიკრიზისული გეგმის ფარგლებში

Under the Agricultural Anti-Crisis Plan, only those farmers who have already registered their agricultural land plots and those ones, who will get their identity verified for land registration purposes for the first time will be able to get benefits under the Agricultural Land Owners Stimulation Program and Agro-Diesel Fuel program.

According to the National Agency of Public Registry, more than 35,000 individuals and legal entities have made an initial registration of agricultural land plots since the agricultural programs envisaged under the anti-crisis plan were launched,  overall, more than 30,000 agricultural land plots with a total area of more than 10,000 ha are registered across the country. 
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